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Welcome to the end of mutantkind

We are a PBeM Roleplaying Game set in the Marvel Universe, specifically around the X-men post "M-day" or "Decimation". We are actively seeking new players to join our ranks, however at this time this game does NOT accept aliens as played characters, though they do exist. We also do not want crossovers from other universes or TV shows as player characters.

We welcome both canon and original characters, and offer detailed, well thought out plots from both the GMs and Players themselves. If you have an idea, chances are we can do it! We're a friendly, easy going group that always loves new blood in our ranks. Our focus is less on a 'school' type setting, and more on a superhero type setting. We're not paranoid: They really ARE out to get us, and childhood is often the first sacrifice made.

So if you're looking for quality roleplay and character development, you've come to the right place! Please read the website, then click on the "Join" button. We can't wait to meet you!

Because of the nature of the X-men, and we like to give our players the creative freedom of some (rare and light) mature themes, we voluntarily rate ourselves R. You probably won't see anything that graphic here, but it's much better to go over than under, right?


Post amounts vary, but we average around 300 a month, give or take. For up to date posting numbers, please see the main group. Yahoo kindly keeps track of those :). We do both "Round Robin" style posts back and forth between players on the list, as well as longer "Joint Posts" via IM. We do NOT accept Lurkers, so please don't ask. You're welcome to join, but we like it when everyone contributes.

We need players, not numbers to bulk up the list. :)